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ION is leading the charge with amazing innovations for governmental agencies to accept credit cards with ZERO cost to the governmental entity. ION is paving the way with new technologies to help streamline day to day activities with integrated payments, online payments, QR payments and kiosk payments.

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Payment Processing.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Credit Card Processing! From traditional interchange processing, service fee programs to online ordering to payment processing solutions, ION is here to help assist you will all your goals.

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Point of Sale.

POS to online services to payment processing solutions, ION is here to help you achieve your goals

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Reward Pay.

ION has found a revolutionary compliant surcharging program, RewardPay™ enables businesses to add a credit card processing fee to the final price customers pay for an item.

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ION makes it easy to process payments for multiple channels securely.

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ION Business Concepts and Payment Systems

ION is a company started by business owners like yourself. We are founded on a few core principles. Do what is right and do what you say. So that’s what we did…

We researched and found great service providers to offer our clients. These services range from Merchant Services, Point of Sale Systems, Web Site Development/ Hosting, to Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Marketing.

ION is a rapidly growing company and we save our clients thousands of dollars each year.

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ION is here for you and your business. If you need help figuring out what is the best solution for your business, contact one of our business professionals.

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