Credit Card Processing

Gravity offers great customer service, low fees and great pricing on equipment.  Get the 20/20 Plan through Gravity today!

Why Gravity?

Gravity Payment Systems is a rising star in the merchant services industry!  Gravity's vibrant staff is always willing to exceed all their clients expectations.  They offer a great tiered/interchange pricing structure and low fees.  You will be responsible for the terminal or equipment cost.

Sign up with Gravity Payments today and see if you qualify for their 20/20 plan

Working Capital

Get the Extra Cash you need fast!


Gravity is Transparent

Gravity was founded because they saw independent businesses being overcharged and undeserved by their credit card processor.  So they started a completely transparent company and are saving companies thousands of dollars each year.

What does Gravity Offer?

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Point of Sale
  • Mobile Payments
  • Working Capital
  • Gift Cards

How do you Sign Up with Gravity's other services?

Contact us and an ION team member will help you!