Captial Bank Card Processing


Capital Bank Card Processing is a established and saving people thousands!  They are a major player in the merchant services.  Capital Bank Card offers great tiered/interchange rates, the ability to get a free credit card terminal and a customer service staff that will go the extra mile to meet all their customers expectations.

See if you qualify for Capital Bank Cards 10/10 plan!!  Yes that is 10 basis points and .10 cents a transaction!! This is available for all internet customers.

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Merchant Account Solutions


MAS offers exceptional merchant service provider.  Fabulous customer service, great tiered/interchange pricing, and free equipment give this company a boost from the competition.

Sign up today with Merchant Account Solutions and see if you qualify for the 15/10 plan!!  Yes that is 10 basis points and .10 cents a transaction!!

MAS is trusted by over 100,00 of customer including..

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Gravity Payment Systems


Gravity Payment Systems is a rising star in the merchant services industry!  Gravity’s vibrant staff is always willing to exceed all their clients expectations.  They offer a great tiered/interchange pricing structure and low fees.  You will be responsible for the terminal or equipment cost.

Sign up with Gravity Payments today and see if you qualify for their 20/20 plan.

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ION Business Concepts and Payment Systems

ION is a company started by business owners like yourself.  We are founded on a few core principles.  Do what is right and do what you say.  So that’s what we did…

We researched and found great service providers to offer our clients.  These services range from Merchant Services, Point of Sale Systems, Web Site Development/ Hosting, to Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Marketing.

ION is a rapidly growing company and we save our clients thousands of dollars each year.


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ION is here for you and your business.  If you need help figuring out what is the best solution for your business, contact one of our business professionals.

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